Constipation – Causes and Treatment


 Constipation – Causes and Treatment


Constipation is a common cause of painful stool pass or painful defecation. Number of reasons are responsible for constipation , insufficient fiber diet , low liquid intake ,stress , side effect of medicines or other health problems . Studies show that women suffers more than men with problem of  constipation. Elderly people of both genders are prone to this disease . Constipation is the result of abnormal behavior of  large intestine . It absorbs too much water from stool which results inadequate contraction of bowel walls to make way for dry stool.

Remedies :

1. Consumption of  green gram, old rice, garlic, wheat gram juice, grapes ,guava, seasonal fruits, high fiber diet, asafoetida, Phyllanthus emblica gartn, Terminelia chebula Retz, long pepper,dry ginger, green leafy vegetables and lukewarm water.

2. Consumption of high fiber diet an sprouts .

3.drink  plenty of fluids and water .

4. Drink luke warm water 2-3 glasses , early in the morning .

5.  Regular exercise and walking

6. Walk for about 30 minutes daily

7. Do not skip breakfast  adequate breakfast .

8.  Don’t suppress the urge to excrete faeces

9. Set time for your stool and sit in toilet on  that particular time .

10.Use of Triphla (a mixture of Terminalia bellerica, T. chebula and Emblica officinalis ) a herbal medicine for easy bowel .

11. Glass of milk and one spoon desi ghee at bed time in the night will do wonderful job .

12. Bael fruit pulp or powder  use in the night will be very useful .

13. Fennel  or  (meethi saumf) can be taken after food or also can boil in milk and drink  at night .

14. Fig or Anjeer can be useful to cure constipation .

15. Psyllium ( Isabgol) husk can be another good option .Take a spoon full with water at night .

16. Flaxseed or alsi will also help cure constipation ,flaxsee oil also can be use .

Yog Asana can be useful as well name of a few very useful asanas is here :- Mandukasana , Pavanamuktasna , Katichakrasana , Vajrasana and Surya Namaskaar , Agnisar kriya ,shavasana

Meditation will do wonders to constipation patients in the long run . Stress ,trauma and anxiety will cure by just relaxation of mind and in today’s world .Maximum  constipation patients are under stress of different kinds.

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