Proctopiles FAQ

Proctopiles is a 100% ayurvedic medicine. More than 3 lakh people got relief from Piles in last one year. Below are some Frequently asked questions/Answers regarding Proctopiles.  


How to consume Proctopiles Capsules?


2 capsule in morning after breakfast and 2 in evening after dinner. Along with this Proctopiles cream should be applied to affected area twice a day.


Price of Proctopiles in India? 


One month course (4 bottle Capsules and 1 cream)  is available at discounted price of Rs 729. Shipping is free for one month order. One can pay online or can also opt for Cash on Delivery facility.


Is Proctopiles useful in case of bleeding piles?


Yes, it’s very effective in case of bleeding and one can feel initial relief within 24 hours.


What to do in case of Masse?


Get some Luke warm water in a tub and add some salt to it. Sit in this water for 10-15 minutes every day for one month along with Proctopiles course. One will get good relief from the problem.




         Avoid fried food , spicy food , Non-Veg, Smoking.

         Drink more water (at least 10-12 Glasses per day)



      Proctopiles Toll Free No:-   


      Proctopiles cutomer care team is available on Toll free no  1800-121-000055 (9AM-7PM Monday to Saturday)



       What is Customer Care Number for Proctopiles & Glsbazar

Proctopiles customer care team is available at Toll Free Bo 1800-121-000055 (9 AM-7PM Monday to Saturday)


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