Instant Green coffee


  • 100% Natural, Instant & Sugar-free Green Coffee Powder.
  • Natural stevia power is added for sweetness
  • Green Coffee Increase The Metabolism & Reduce Blood Pressure Level.
  • FoodArc Green Coffee Is The Best Supplement For Weight Loss.
  • Good In Taste & Very Easy To Consume.
  • How to Use :- Add 1 Sachet in a cup of hot water (100-150 ml), Stir well and now the Cup of a day is ready to use

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FoodArc Instant Green Coffee Powder is 100% natural extract of green coffee beans. FoodArc green Coffee powder contains Chlorogenic acid which is very beneficial to maintain health & fitness.

Benefits of FoodArc Instant Green Coffee Powder

100% natural, no added sugar, safe for diabetics.
Quick to prepare.
Can be used to make a Caffeine free drink.
Rich in anti-oxidants.
Helps in reducing weight at an increasing rate.
Helps improving blood circulation.
Used for natural detoxification.

Ingredients– Pure Green Coffee Beans extract and stevia leaf extract

Usage-1. Add 1 tbsp of FoodArc instant green coffee powder into a cup of hot water.

2. Mix & Stir it well and it is ready to sip.

Pack size-20 sachets of 1 gm each.


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