Proctopiles 2 Months Course(Set of 8 Bottles and 2 Cream)



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About Piles or Hemorrhoids:

Piles or hemorrhoids :

Piles or Hemorrhoids are enlarged blood vessels in the lower two inches of rectum ,or in severe cases protrude through the anus to the outside.
Piles do not happen overnight but these are cumulative efforts from consumption of processed foods, high sugar content foods, spicy foods, red meats, dairy products,
alcohol and of course junk foods.

What symptoms can be associated with hemorrhoids?

The main symptoms of piles are bleeding from anus and the blood is bright red and not mixed with stools.The other symptoms of piles are swelling and irritation in and around the rectum.

How does PROCTOPILES capsule helps in piles ?

The proctopiles capsules is made of such herbs that have been described in the Ayurvedic literature like Neem, Jimikand, Yashtimadhu, Haritaki, kumari, Muktashukti bhasma, Arishtak, Shudh Saphatika, Rasvanti. These herbs have been prepared in the appropriate proportion according to Ayurvedic formula, which is helpful in the treatment of piles.

Precautions :

Avoid spicy things, avoid drinking alcohol, avoid staying awake at night, avoid sitting for long periods and avoid excessive consumption of fried foods.

Suggestion :

Take high fibre foods, fresh fruits and whole cereals(that is wheat, barley, oats , corn etc). Drink minimum 8-10 glasses of water everyday.

Direction for Use:-

Initially : As directed by physician, take 2 capsules daily (one capsule in morning and one capsule in evening)
For Old Disease : As directed by physician, take 4 capsules daily (Two capsules in morning and two capsules in evening)


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